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The New South Wales Outback is a triangular region in the west, covering around one third of the state.The region commences along the western half of the state border with Queensland, encompassing the remote outback towns of Bourke and Walgett. It heads south through the mining towns of Cobar and Broken Hill, finally reaching the Murray River and state border with Victoria where Wentworth, Mildura, Euston and Robinvale straddle this mighty waterway.

Experience the spectacular rugged beauty of this region including arid landscapes, old mining towns, rivers, lakes and abundant wildlife.

Follow the Darling River, Australia's third longest river, from its source just east of Bourke, through to Wilcannia, once one of Australia's largest shipping ports. From there, the river heads to Menindee where it feeds an area of glittering lakes with abundant birdlife within the Kinchega National Park. Heading south, river reaches the historic port of Wentworth where the Darling River meets Australia's longest river, the Murray.

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Brown's Shaft North Mine, Panorama Broken hillDarling River

 Outback NSW                                                                   Darling River Bourke

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