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Central Gippsland and Beyond

East Gippsland Fishing Report


 East Gippsland Fishing Report


 East Gippsland Fishing Report


 East Gippsland Fishing Report




Fishing Report 24th July, 2014




Lakes Entrance

Reeve Channel for Salmon, Tailor and Trevally.   Best bait is pilchard and prawn.   Bullock Island for Mackerel.   Town jetties are still producing Mullet, Luderick and Bream. Best baits being weed, prawn and “glassies”. The surf has plenty of Salmon biting on pilchard and poppers. Offshore, Pinkies, Morwong and Flathead are taking pilchards.


Lake Tyers

Black Fellow’s and Cameron’s Arms for Bream on prawn. Mud Island and No. 2 boat ramp have Bream. Best time to try is from around Noon to about 3.30pm. For best results, try prawn. The surf is producing Salmon and the lake remains closed.


Mitchell River

Shadoof Lodge and down to Eagle Point are the better areas for Bream, which are taking peeled prawn, shell and cut crab.   Some Perch around highway bridge and backwater biting on worm and lures.


Tambo River

Bream are being taken from rough road and towards the river mouth. Their bait of choice being cured worm and peeled prawn.



The two bridges are best spots for Bream.   Some good sized fish are about, but there are a lot of juvenile fish about taking peeled prawn and worm.



Some Luderick around town jetties taking weed.   The board walk has some Bream biting on prawn. Mullet are to be found in Tambo Bay on worm.



Luderick in the straits, around town jetties and boat ramps, taking worm. Bream are to be found in Lake King and at the end of the channel, taking crab and prawn. Shallow bank around Ocean Grange for Dusky Flathead, taking prawn.


Holland’s Landing

The river mouth of Tom’s Creek and down to the Strait for Bream, biting on pippies and worm.



Bream moving slowly down the rivers into the areas around the islands. Bait of choice being prawn and crabs. Surf beaches are still producing good Salmon and Tailor on poppers and pilchard.   The odd “Gummie” is also about.   Offshore is a bit wild, but is improving if you can get out.


Bemm River

Vibes, soft plastics and peeled prawn are preferred baits for Bream. You are going to have to work hard to get good fish, but they are out and about, you just need to keep moving.


Tamboon Inlet

At the mouth of Gibbs Creek for Bream, taking peeled prawn. Luderick are around the rock groynes taking weed. Perch are taking lures. Toward Tamboon South for Trevally and Tailor, bait of choice being prawn and worm.



Luderick are proving to be elusive but give Captain Point Fisheries Wharf and the jetties a go on weed. Bream have headed up to Gipsy Point and into the Genoa River, bait of choice being yabbies.   Surf beaches are producing Salmon and Tailor, for a change they are taking blue poppers and pilchard. Red poppers are out of fashion.







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