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Fishing Report 1st December, 2016



Lakes Entrance

The floating Dragon jetty for whiting taking pippies. Try the footbridge for big trevally on blue bait and pilchards. All surf beaches have salmon taking lures. Off shore 5kg snapper, gummies and flathead close to the beach on pilchards and squid.


Lake Tyers

Flathead are out and about in the low parts of the lake, bream are around the islands and upper reaches of Nowa Nowa Arm. At the moment fishing is a bit patchy but some fish are about. Best results using prawn and plastics.


Mitchell River

From grassy banks and through to the river mouth for bream taking spider crabs. Some perch are at the highway bridge taking plastics and prawn.


Tambo River

Best spots to try for bream are rough road, the powerlines and up to the cliffs. Best bait peeled prawn, shrimp and plastics.



The two bridges, the reeds and right up to the poplars are best for bream. Try peeled prawn, shrimp and worm.



Town jetties, marina and boardwalk are worth a look for bream and mullet. Flathead are in Bancroft Bay. Best bait peeled prawn shrimp and worms.



Good bream are being taken at Montague Point on Raymond Island. Best bait vibe lures. Fish off the bank are taking prawn. Off shore large snapper are taking pilchard and squid. The town jetties and the straits are also worth a try.


Holland’s Landing

The wood pile, Hollands Landing and into Bull Bay, Toms creek and Blonde Bay for bream. Best results using crab, prawn and pippies.



Once again the system is producing luderick around the rock groynes and mud banks on worm. Bream and estuary perch are taking prawn. Mullet are plentiful. The surf for salmon and gummies taking squid legs and pilchard. Off shore for gummies and flathead taking pilchard and squid.


Bemm River

Some fish are about up in the river and lake. Try the Mahogany’s and tea tree for bream on prawn and worm.


Tamboon Inlet

Bream are in the river, bait of choice being prawn and worm. Good size flathead are at Pelican Point taking blue bait.


The surf for salmon taking poppers and pilchards. Try the fisheries jetty for luderick on weed. Whiting are taking bass yabbies. The top lake and rivers are best for bream on prawn and plastics.


Omeo High Country

Angler’s Rest, Livingston River and Mitta are best spots for trout, with spinners, wobblers and worm best baits.