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Eden is the site of Australia’s first mainland whaling station, established in 1828.
A century later, Eden became famous for its killer whale pod. Led by a whale known as "Old Tom", the pod would alert local whalers when other whales were in the vicinity, and whalers and killer whales would unite to herd their victims into the shallow waters of Twofold Bay.Today, timber, along with tuna fishing and tourism, is a main source of income.

Things to do in Eden

Take a whale-watching tour or marine wildlife cruise of the bay. - The southern right and humpback whales that migrate along the coast between May and November provide thrilling encounters for passengers aboard the whale-watching cruises that operate from Eden.
At other times of the year cruises take in the bottlenose dolphins, seals and penguins found around the bay.

 Visit Eden’s Killer Whale Museum - is the town’s must-see attraction, a fascinating display of boats, whaling gear, photographs and nautical apparatus.
It also is the nesting place of "Old Tom", the killer whale, part of Eden's history

Go wreck diving - and explore the "Tasman Hauler".

Walk with a ranger on the Fisheries Beach Walk to Twofold Bay.~ Explore Ben Boyd National Park - an amazing coastal wilderness with a sensational tract of wild coast, beaches, wildflower meadows and eucalypt woodland.

The coast, where the shales and conglomerates have been gnawed by the sea into arches and caves, is particularly dramatic

Major Event

 Eden Whale Festival, in October/November, is an action-packed weekend of street performers, art shows, marine displays, music and carnival rides.

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